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Class Information

  • Discounted Vouchers for certification test are available
  • The A+ certification consists of two tests.  Material for both tests are covered in the CIT 114 class. You will need at least two CompTIA vouchers for this certification.
  • The required "textbook" for CIT 114 is an access key from TestOut.  You can purchase this key from the bookstore, or cheaper directly from the companies (Information is on the Text Books page). 
  • The textbook for CIT 131 and CIT 231 is an access key for ZyBook. You can purchase this from the bookstore, or directly from zyBook (less expensive). Information is on the Text Books page.
  • Many classes have a recommended book for additional information. That book is not required.
  • Note - CIT 114 has a lab component that must be completed by all students.  The PC Build will be completed in the third in-person meeting. You must pass the lab to receive a grade above a C. Failure to complete or pass the PC Build will result in a C or lower grade.

Test Taking Tips

Slow down and carefully read the question. If you don’t understand it, reread it.

Certification exams are written with the assistance of dozens of Subject Matter Experts. Do not expect to find clues in a consistent writing style for every question.

The “BEST” choice is always the right choice.

Give the question a shot before giving up and moving on. If you’re still unsure, return to it for a fresh look later.

Do not read more into the question than what is stated.