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Network+ Certification Preparation

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Required: Network Pro 978-1-935080-43-5, Key Ordering Information
Recommended: Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Michael Meyers, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 7th edition, 978-1260122381

Section or Chapter Complete
Orientation Quiz June 8
Week One June 8
Week Two June 14
Week Three June 21
Week Four June 28
Midterm June 29
Week Five July 5
Week Six July 12
Week Seven July 19
Week Eight July 24

This course will prepare you to take and pass the CompTIA Network+ test. The course consists of videos, lessons, labs, short exams and a final. All labs, exams and the final are provided in LabSim. Please note the table above for required due dates for the LabSim sections labs and exams. All due times are end of day on the day shown. If you complete the first group before the mid-semester deadline, you can continue to work on the following sections. You may repeat the labs and exams as many times as you desire, the last attempt will be used for the grade.  The Final test (single attempt, two hour time limit) in LabSim (Certification Tab) will become available on  July 24th and must be taken no later than 11:59pm on  July 26th. There may be a difference in the score shown at TestOut and the score imported to Canvas. This is due to my normalizing the base points (2000). The sync converts the TestOut result to the base 2000 score. Please contact me if you have any questions.

The course objectives are the CompTIA objectives for the current Network+ certification exam.  While one outcome for the class is to be able to meet the objectives provided by CompTIA, certification is the main goal.  It is expected that students passing the class will be able to take and pass the appropriate certification test, the probability being related to the final grade received. Discount vouchers for the CompTIA test can be found at

This syllabus is subject to change as deemed appropriate by the instructor with notification. 

No exceptions can or will be made on the deadlines.

Please note:

  1. It is the responsibility of the student to purchase the correct LabSim access code. Failure to purchase and use the correct code will result in a F grade.
  2. Class content and material is accessed through Canvas.
  3. End of Day means 11:59 PM of the day specified.
  4. Please read the Orientation document and review the contents of the IMPORTANT INFORMATION folder
  5. When accessing the Final, once you select it, the time starts. Do not start (select) the Final until you are ready. Be aware of the amount of time given.


Important Note: If you have any concerns about this course and/or me, please contact me first. If I cannot resolve your issue, please contact Arlene Menezes in the CIT Department Office at 702-651-5976. You will be directed to the appropriate Program Director or the Department Chair. You will remain anonymous, if possible, and all communications will be strictly confidential. Please DO NOT wait until the last minute to make your concerns known to me and/or to the CIT Department

I am not able to Withdrawal students. If you need to withdrawal please contact the registration office.

Your grade will be determined as follows:

Quiz *3
Exams 35%
Labs 35%
Midterm 10%
Final 20%

*3 bonus points

Percentage Range Grade Percentage Range Grade Percentage Range Grade
94-100 A 90-93 A- 87-89 B+
84-86 B 80-83 B- 77-79 C+
74-76 C 70-73 C- 67-69 D+
64-66 D 60-63 D- <60 F

You are expected to complete your own work in this class. Cheating on exams or lab exercises is not fair to students who are honestly studying. Cheating is also subject to penalties listed in the CSN Student Academic Integrity Policy. Please be familiar with this policy. Please make yourself familiar with the College’s Student Academic Integrity Policy (

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Students’ rights and responsibilities pertaining to CSN policies and services are found in the College Catalog and on the CSN website

College Library Services offers ongoing research workshops throughout the semester. Bring your topic or assignment to one of the workshops on the basics of locating and citing quality information and receive indepth assistance with a librarian. Call 651-5729 for more information.

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This course fulfills the computation component for related instruction for the certificate of achievement in networking. This component will be fulfilled in the section dealing with IP Addressing. In this section, students will learn:
1. How to convert decimal values to binary values and binary to decimal
2. How to look at an IP address and divide it between its host and network sections
3. How to determine the class of IP address by looking at its network value
4. How to correctly subnet an IP address after determining its class